Sunday, 3 June 2012

encroachment of park

Q) Your area has only one park that is facing problem of encroachment by a builder. Write a paragraph in about 100 words mentioning the consequences of this encroachment.

Ambedkar park is the only open space in our otherwise congested area. It is the only respite for children and old age people who gather here in the morning and evening for recreation and social activities.
            But since few weeks a builder, who is constructing a building nearby, has encroached a big portion of this park for placing his building material. Children can not play as trucks load and unload material throughout the day. Air has become full of minute particles.
            To add to our trouble he has erected some tents also for sheltering his laborers. About 100 laborers and their family members are living here. They have spoilt the whole beauty of the park. A heap of garbage is also gathering in a corner. Moreover, some anti social elements are finding chance to sneak in the colony. This is posing law and order problem.

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