Sunday, 20 May 2012

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Moments)(long answers) chapter-8 (A house is not a home)(Zan Gaudioso)

Answer following questions in about 10 words.

Q1) Why did the author’s mother run back into the house twice?
Ans1) Author’s house caught fire. It spread so fast that it engulfed the whole house in no time. He and his mother rushed outside. Fire was out of control. His mother ran inside to bring the metal box that contained all the important documents. She knew the value of these documents. She left the box outside and rushed back into the house. She was looking for the photographs and letters of her husband. Actually author’s father had died and his photographs were very precious for them. In the process she also got injured, but she cared the least for her.

Q2) How did the author feel after he went to his new school after the fire tragedy in the house?
Ans2) One Sunday author’s house caught fire. He lost every thing. He was quite down and feeling insecure. Next day when he reached school, he was not properly dressed. Everyone gazed at him. He felt very embarrassed. But soon he realized that students had sympathy for him. Attitude of everyone had changed. His friends took him to the room where they had placed all necessary things like school items and clothes. They were much concern about the incident and wanted to help the author in every possible way. Now author was convinced that things were going to be okay. His friends helped him rebuild the house. He was feeling secure among them.

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