Saturday, 26 May 2012

10th class-cbse english (First Flight)(short answers) chapter-7 (Glimpses of India-Tea from Assam)(Arup Kumar Datto)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What did Pranjol tell Rajvir about Assam?
Ans1) Pranjol told that Assam is heartland of tea cultivation in India. It is their commercial crop. Assam has the largest concentration of plantations in the world. It exports tea to other countries in the world.

Q2) What is the Chinese legend about tea?
Ans2) A Chinese emperor liked to drink boiled water. Once while boiling the water, some leaves fell into the pot. The boiled water gave a delicious flavor. They were tea- leaves. Since then these leaves are used as beverage.

Q3) Write down the Buddhist legend about tea.
Ans3) Once a buddhist ascetic was meditating. During his deep mediation he fell asleep. The monk became furious on himself. He cut his eyelids and threw them on to the ground. There grew ten tea plants. Their leaves can remove sleep.

Q4) How are the tea leaves collected in Assam?
Ans4) Tea leaves collection is a labour intensive work. In Assam this work is done by ladies. Ladies in groups carry bamboo baskets on their backs. They wear plastic aprons. They pluck tea- leaves and collect them into their basket

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