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10th class-cbse english (NCERT BOOK-First Flight)(short answers) chapter-8 (Mijbil the otter)(Gavin Maxwell)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) When it came to author’s mind to have an otter?
Ans1) Author had a pet dog named jonnie who died. The author felt some lonely. He visited southern Iraq in 1956. There this thought came to his mind that that he should have an otter rather than a dog.

Q2) what is the most common characteristics of an otter?
Ans2) The otter are very fond of water. They become wild on seeing it. . They do not like the water to be stored. They make it flow by rolling, jumping, and plunging in the water.

Q3) what was done by mijbil after two days?
Ans3) Initially otter was indifferent. After two days, he became aware of his surrounding. He escaped from the bedroom and was found in the bathroom. There he struggling with a chromium tap for water. He managed to open it to get full flow.

Q4) What was the amusing scene of the otter in the plane?
Ans4) Author placed mij in a box to hide him from airline staff. But mij escaped from the box and disappeared speedily down the craft. A woman stood up screaming- a rat, a ra. When the author tried to catch, his face was covered in curry. The author sat on his seat quite disappointed, then in no time it came on his knee and started nuzzling author’s face.

Q5) what did the Londoners says about mijbil?
Ans5) The Londoners had not seen an otter. They had no knowledge about it. They thought that it belonged to a small group of animals called mustelliness. Others guessed it as a baby seal or a walrus mister. Some called it a hippo and a brontosaur.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) write down the otter’s stay with the author in the beginning

Q2) what is the general quality of an otter?

Q3) what compulsive habits were developed in mij?
Q4) what does author’s friends tell him about Tigris?  

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