Saturday, 26 May 2012

10th class -cbse english(NCERT BOOK-First Flight)(long answers) chapter-4 (From the diary of Anne frank)( Anne frank)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.
Q1) Write the character-sketch of Anne.
Ans1) Anne was a a Jewish girl born in German. She was decent and intelligent girl. She had an intense love for her grandmother and her teacher. But she was lonely. She did not have any friend to share her secrets. She kept a diary to write her views. Later her diary writing became very popular. It turns out to be one of the most widely read books in the world. She wrote her daily activities and findings in the diary. She was in the good book of he teacher. But they had complaints about her talkative nature. Mr. keesing, her maths teacher, punished her for her talkative nature by assigning essays. She pacified him with her witty logics.

Q2) “Paper has more patience than people” Elucidate.
Ans2) Anne had many members in her house and many classmates in the school, but she did not have a true friend with whom she could share all her feelings. She was not sure if her friends have enough time and patience to listen to her in detail. She could talk only about everyday things to her friends. She could not disclose her secrets to them. She desperately wanted a real friend whom she could tell all kinds of things. She decided to keep a diary. She named it as Kitty. She started to write all her observations and views in it. The paper would never complain and would never question her any thought. Hence She called “paper has more patience than people”.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) What did Mr keesing angry? How did he punish Anne? 

Q2) How was Anne able to bring a change in her teacher’s attitude towards her? 

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