Tuesday, 20 March 2012

8th class-cbse english (honey dew) (Poem) Poem -8 (On the Grasshopper and cricket) (John Keats)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) “The poetry of earth” is not made of words. What “The poetry of earth” is made of, as suggested in the poem?
Ans1) The poetry of earth is made of the songs of its inhabitants.

Q2) Which season is mentioned here in first stanza?
Ans2) Summer Season is mention here.

Q3) Who is talking the lead and why?
Ans3) The Grasshopper is talking the lead to continue the poetry of earth.

Q4) Who is representing winter season?
Ans4) The cricket is representing winter season.

Q5) Write the meaning of the phrase ‘The frost has wrought a silence.’
Ans5) In winter, when it falls frost, everything becomes still. It refers to this stillness that is brought about by the frost.


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