Tuesday, 20 March 2012

8th class-cbse english (honey dew) (Poem) Poem -6 (The duck and the kangaroo) (Edward Lear)

Answer following questions in short.

 Q1) Why is the duck unhappy?
Ans1) The duck is unhappy because of her boring life in the pond.

Q2) What does the Duck wish?
Ans2) The Duck wishes to hop like the kangaroo.

Q3) What request does the Duck make to the kangaroo?
Ans3) The Duck requests the kangaroo to give her a ride on his back.

Q4) Who is the Duck talking to?
Ans4) The Duck is talking to the kangaroo.

Q5) What requires a little reflection?
Ans5) The kangaroo requires a little reflection on the Duck’s request of a ride.

Q6) Why is the kangaroo worried?
Ans6) The kangaroo worried about duck’s unpleasantly wet and cold feet. He thinks that he will catch ‘rheumatism’ through it.

Q7) What does the Duck think over?
Ans7) The Duck thinks over the problem that the kangaroo has with her wet and cold feet.

Q8) Why and where does the Duck sit?
Ans8) The Duck sits on the rocks to think over the problem of her wet feet.

Q9) What suggestions does the Kangaroo give to the Duck? Does the Duck agree?

Ans9) The kangaroo suggests the Duck to sit steadily at the end of his tail. Yes, the Duck agrees it.

Q10) Where and when do they go?
Ans10) They go round the whole world thrice in the pale Moonlight.