Saturday, 17 December 2011

Correct uses of since/for (practice)-1

Before attempting this exercise see since/for and Perfect continuous tense.

Q) Fill in the blanks with “since" or “for “. Answers are given below. But first attempt yourself and then only cross check the answers.

1)      Laborers have been striking---- Monday.
2)      Watchman had been sleeping -----10 am.
3)      Boys have been running ------one hour.
4)      Farmers had been working in fields ----noon.
5)      We have been waiting for one turn ----sometime.
6)      He has been appearing for the exams----2009.
7)      He has not been attending classes ----last Saturday.
8)      He had been doing job ------his father died.
9)      People have been tolerating maladministration ------ long time.
10)  Police has been chasing thief ------- many days.
11)  They have been arranging for party------morning.
12)  Students have not been practicing ---------- rain starts.
13)  They had been waiting for me ----- 10 am.
14)  Child has not been weeping -------- half an hour.
15)  We have been looking for a tenant ------ one month.
1)      Since.
2)      Since.
3)      For.
4)      Since.
5)      For.
6)      Since.
7)      Since.
8)      Since.
9)      For.
10)  For.
11)  Since.
12)  Since.
13)  Since.
14)  For.
15)  For.

For further practice see

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