Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Types of clauses (practice)-2

Before doing this exercise it is better first to read Clauses and its types

Q) Identify Noun, adjective, and adverb, clauses in the following sentences.

1)      They jumped into the river which was very deep.
2)      He wrote the book when he was twenty year old.
3)      The house where he was born is broken now.
4)      He works hard so that he can secure first position again.
5)      That you pass the exam makes me glad.
6)      They put the model that was rejected twice earlier.
7)      I reached where temperature was below 0 C
8)      I can’t allow what you are saying.
9)      This is the man who planted the bomb.
10)  You can call me whenever you like.
11)  What you have proposed, No one can accept.
12)  I knew every person that was present in the meeting.
13)  He sits alone where no one can see him.
14)  He ate whatever he got.
15)  I love robots because they never question.

1)      Which was very deepàadjective
2)      When he was twenty year oldà adverb.
3)      Where he was bornà adjective.
4)      So that he can secure first position againà adverb.
5)      That you pass the examà Noun.
6)      That was rejected twice earlierà adjective.
7)      Where temperature was below 0 Cà adverb.
8)      What you are sayingà Noun.
9)      Who planted the bombà adjective
10)  Whenever you likeà adverb.
11)  What you have proposedà Noun.
12)  That was present in the meetingàadjective
13)  Where no one can see himà adverb
14)  Whatever he gotà Noun.
15)  Because they never questionà adverb.

For further practice see Types of clauses (practice)-1

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