Monday, 21 November 2011

Phrases and its type (practice)-2

Before doing this exercise you would like to read Phrases and its type

Q) Underline the phrases in following sentences. Also tell their types.

1)      Cow was grazing in my filed.
2)      Reading story books is my hobby.
3)      He is a student of great promise.
4)      He has a Job full of challenges.
5)      He promised to work hard next time.
6)      They finished the work in no time.
7)      Ramayan is a book of sacrifice and righteousness.
8)      Fresh green sceneries were food for eyes.
9)      Once in his college time he fought an election.
10)  She purchased a bracelet of silver.
11)  He secured the first position in the class.
12)  They entered into a crowded lane.
13)   Miners worked on war footing.
14)  Collecting old coins is his hobby.
15)  He supports me in all difficult times.

1)      In my fieldà Adverb phrase.
2)      Reading story booksà Noun phase.
3)      Of great promise à Noun phase.
4)      Full of challengesà Adjective phrases.
5)      To work hard next timeà  Noun phase.
6)      In no time à adverb noun.
7)      Of sacrifice and righteousnessà adjective phrases
8)      Fresh green sceneriesà .Noun phrases.
9)      Once in his college time à adverb noun.
10)  Of silverà adjective phrases.
11)  The first position in the classà Noun phrases.
12)  Into a crowded lane à adverb noun.
13)  On war footingà adverb noun.
14)   Collecting old timesà Noun phrases.
15)  In all difficult timesà adverb noun.

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