Monday, 10 October 2011

Report-annual function

Q) You are Sohan of V.D national school. Your school organized annual function. Write a report for your school magazine.
 Annual function is the most important event in the school calendar. On 15th July, the foundation day of the school, our school organized the annual function is the school playground.
Our English teacher Mr. Sharma started the program by welcoming chief guest, the education minister of Delhi, and others. After this vice principal put his thoughts on education system. He emphasized the need for value based education. After this came the main part. Principal Sir discussed the result of this year. He congratulated toppers of all classes. He informed that our school also won awards in many extra curriculum activities. He invited the chief guest to distribute prizes among winners. Chief Guest also addressed the audience. He praised the performance of our school.
           Many students performed on the stage. Most of the programs were inspired by our culture, moral education, films, and nationalism. This added the all new height to the function.
Finally Mr. Sharma ended the program with his thanks speech.


  1. ye sab pagal aur bakwas report kyun dalte hain are report likhni nahi aati to mughse sekh lo
    ya phir mera first class ka bhai is se bhetar likhts hai

  2. abe akshat phele tu English mein hindi type karna Sikh phir bol jo bolna hai

  3. very much bakvas.... such a small report. you will not even get 2 marks for this out of 4

  4. asa function kitna bakawas hota ha
    konsi duffor school haii

  5. Guys atleast appreciate his efforts of typing the entire thing and uploading it on the internet.....because if all u haters can critisize ....then even hold the courage to do something better than wat he did

  6. great work done!!! outstanding......

  7. Is this a report.. Learn it dude.