Monday, 31 October 2011

Jumble words-5

 Marking scheme
1) Do one exercise (5 sentences) at one time.

2) Match the answer (given at the end of last exercise).

3) Give yourself marks using following criteria

A) No mistake à “1” mark
B) One mistake à “1/2” mark
C) More than one mistakesà “0” marks

4) Add all the marks using following criteria

Not satisfactory
Very good

5) Now move to next exercise. Use the knowledge you acquired from previous exercises.

Q) Rearrange the following words to obtain a meaningful sentence.

1)      People/rushing/river/noticed/were/the/I/towards/that.
2)      And/to/seem/in/determined/likely/strikers/are/give/not.
3)      Reasons/party/one/I/is/it/the/the/why/of/left.
4)      Standing/a/in/man/corner/who/scientist/the/is/the/is.
5)      When/his/afternoon/it/started/was/journey/he.


1)      In/say/no/what/there/sense/you/is.
2)      After/work/a/require/hard/everyone/such/rest.
3)      Whenever/free/like/you/go/are/you/to.
4)      Congested/ pleasure/traveling/gave/in/no/hot/me/bus/a.
5)      Any/by/interested/I/presented/not/project/you/am/in.

1)      Who/own/those/friends/their/I/cheat/people/hate.
2)      Good/lead/thoughts/success/provoke/good/which/to/actions.
3)      Difficulty/could/was/comprehend/so/I/assignment/not/that/it.
4)      Well/from/not/Mumbai/since/has/returned/he/been/he.
5)      Went/in/parents/difficulties/help/the/his/great/to/boy/for.


1)      Cross/ever/river/have/flooded/tried/a/you/to/?.
2)      Him/not/more/speak/he/you/against/no/should/as/is.
3)      Buckets/we/in/came/many/down/of/fire/water/threw/as/the/it.
4)      For/ party/no/attend/is/to/there/the/him/problem.
5)      Enough/rice/people/kg/for/not/five/fifty/is.

1)      School/he/rang/just/the/entered./bell/as/the.
2)      Match/who/brother/the/boy/is/the/my/won.
3)      Had/days/to/is/nothing/since/eat/he/it.
4)      From/backyard/of/heaven/once/his/a/gold/into/plate/fell.
5)      How/book/does/borrow/know/a/he/to/not.

Answer Exerciseà1

1)      I noticed that people were running towards the river.
2)      Strikers seem determined and are not likely to give in.
3)      It is one of the reasons why I left the party.
4)      The man who is standing in the corner is a scientist.
5)      It was afternoon when he stared his journey.

Answer Exerciseà2
1)      There is no sense in what you say.
2)      Everyone require rest after such a hard wok.
3)      You are free to go wherever you like.
4)      Traveling in a hot congested bus gave me no pleasure.
5)      I am not interested in any project presented by you.

Answer Exerciseà3  
1)      I hate those people who cheat their own friends...
2)      Good thoughts provoke good actions which lead o success.
3)      Assignment was so difficulty that I could not comprehend it.
4)      He has not been well since he returned from Mumbai.
5)      The boy in great difficulties went to his parents for help.

Answer Exerciseà4
1)      Have you ever tried to cross a flooded river?
2)      You should not speak against him as he is no more.
3)      The fire came down as we threw many buckets of water in it.
4)      There is no problem for him to attend the party.
5)      Five kg rice is not enough for fifty people.

Answer Exerciseà5  
1)      Just as he entered the school the bell rang.
2)      The boy who won the match is my brother.
3)      It is two days since he had nothing to eat.
4)      Once a plate of gold fell from heaven into his backyard.
5)      He does not know how to borrow a book.

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