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Jumble words--3

 Marking scheme
1) Do one exercise (5 sentences) at one time.

2) Match the answer (given at the end of last exercise).

3) Give yourself marks using following criteria

A) No mistake à “1” mark
B) One mistake à “1/2” mark
C) More than one mistakesà “0” marks

4) Add all the marks using following criteria

Not satisfactory
Very good

5) Now move to next exercise. Use the knowledge you acquired from previous exercises.

Q) Rearrange the following words to obtain a meaningful sentence.

1)      Made/left/teacher/after/a/had/the/the/noise/students.
2)      The/to/exams/does/learn/he/pass/not/to/what/know.
3)      Grains/soon/that/I/down/prices/will/hope/go/of.
4)      Thought/the/money/principal/belongs/hospital/that/to.
5)      Can/work/that/time/I/on/he/believe/complete/not.


1) Prices/commodities/going/it/that/up/seems/all/are/of.
 2) Got/since/five/it/married/now/years/he/is.
3) My/he/was/me/I/homework/came/busy/when/to/doing.
4) Reached/had/the/died/the/patient/doctor/after.
5) When/your/what/you/you/course/will/complete/do/?.

1)      While/the/school/going/discussed/the/they/issue/to.
2)      Tour/we/were/cancelled/near/the/because/very/exam.
3)      The/it/not/too/we/hot/because/complete/project/could/was.
4)      Fame/the/name/country/earned/served/he/as/and/he.
5)      Truck/with/was/car/hurt/the/no/the/one/collided/but.


1)      Has/that/false/the/died/news/is/he.
2)      Disappeared/sun/the/rose/fog/the/after.
3)      When/it/happened/7 O’clock/accident/was.
4)      Hear/exam/was/passed/to/the/I/that/happy/he.
5)      Day/we/match/principal/holiday/us/because/gave/won/one/the.

1)      Where/our/from/the/now/we/is/shop/close/clothes/buy.
2)      Stands/roads/the/my/meet/four/school/where.
3)      Will/long/are/you/Mumbai/stay/you/me/in/may/as/as.
4)      You/be/friend/with/you/best/happy/meet/my/when/will.
5)      Exam/not/failed/hard/because/he/the/had/in/he/worked.



1)      The students made a noise after the teacher had left.
2)      He does not know what to learn to pass the exam.
3)      I hope that prices of grains will go down soon.
4)      Principal thought that money belongs to the hospital.
5)      I believe that he can not complete work on time.

Exercise à2

1)      It seems that prices of all commodities are going up.
2)      It is now five years since he got married.
3)      I was busy doing my homework when he came to me.
4)      The doctor reached after the patient had died.
5)      What will you do when you complete your course?


1)      They discussed the issue while going to the school.
2)      We cancelled the tour because exams were very near.
3)      We could not complete the project because it was too hot.
4)      He earned name and fame as he served the country.
5)      The car collided with the trunk but no one was hurt.


1)      The news that he has died is false.
2)      The fog disappeared after the sun rose.
3)      It was 7 O’clock when accident happened.
4)      I was happy to hear that he passed the exam.
5)      Principal gave us one day holiday because we won the match.


1)      The shop where we buy our clothes from is close now.
2)      My school stands where the four roads meet.
3)      You may stay will me as long as you are in Mumbai.
4)       You will be happy when you meet with my best friend.
5)       He failed in the exam because he had not worked hard.

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