Friday, 30 September 2011

Jumble words-1

 Marking scheme
1) Do one exercise (5 sentences) at one time.

2) Match the answer (given at the end of last exercise).

3) Give yourself marks using following criteria

A) No mistake à “1” mark
B) One mistake à “1/2” mark
C) More than one mistakesà “0” marks

4) Add all the marks using following criteria

Not satisfactory
Very good

5) Now move to next exercise. Use the knowledge you acquired from previous exercises.

Q) Rearrange the following words to obtain a meaningful sentence.

Exercise 1

1)      Always/his/I/honesty/shall/remember.
2)      That/life/animal/plant/everyone/has/whether/or/breathes.
3)       Buddha/his/child/kingdom/led/life/a/left/wife/and/the/and/of/beggar.
4)      You/believe/hear/should/what/never/you.
5)      This/so/I/satisfy/amount/little/can/anyone/is/that/not.

Exercise 2

1)      Paper/sheets/buy/market/to/shall/I/go/the/to/some/of.
2)      He/so/that/cannot/is/shy/he/talk/to/friends/his/even.
3)      Suresh/party/was/marriage/ill/attend/so/not/he/could.
4)      Results/was/excellent/their/brought/hard work/it/that.
5)      Present/some/me/guests/to/that/unknown/were/there/were.

Exercise 3

1)      I/why/angry/do/was/not/he/know.
2)      Tea/that/it/is/drink/so/not/hot/can/we.
3)      His/place/marriage/take/will/either/September/in/or/march.
4)      I/nervous/the/but/were/kind/was/in/beginning/teacher/very.
5)      Competition/hard/he/the/worked/won/very/and.

Exercise 4

1)         Who/ America/a/my/lived/send/uncle/in/me/watch.
2)            Bangalore/in/will/is/in/who/summer/come/friend/vacation/my.
3)            Teacher/lady/in/a/the/was/exam/there/room.
4)            The/bring/most/to/wise/ministers/man/his/in/ordered/the/king/court.
5)            Only/danger/because/in/of/are/our/forests/greed.

Exercise 5

1)      The/so/we/sit/sun/hot/can/outside/is/that/not.
2)      Railway/I/time/left/reached/on/but/train/at/station/had.
3)      From/mistakes/succeed/life/a/must/our/to/in/lesson/take/we.
4)      Money/to/to/the/some/city/went/earn/another/woodcutter.
5)      Should/good/we/time/habits/invest/our/on.

Jumble words answer.

Exercise 1

1)      I shall always remember his honesty.
2)      Everyone that has life whether animal or plant breathes.
3)      Buddha left his wife, child and kingdom and led the life of beggar.
4)      You should never believe what you hear.
5)      This amount is so little that I cannot satisfy anyone.

Exercise 2

1)      I shall go to the market to buy some sheets of paper.
2)      He is very shy that he cannot talk to even his friends.
3)      Suresh was ill so he could not attend marriage party.
4)      It was their hard work that brought excellent results.
5)      Some guests that were present there were unknown to me.

Exercise 3

1)      I do not know why he was angry.
2)      Tea is so hot that we cannot drink it.
3)      His marriage will take place either in March or September.
4)      I was nervous in the beginning but teachers were very kind.
5)      He worked very hard and won the competition.

Exercise 4

1)      My uncle who lived in America sends me a watch.
2)      My friend who lived in Bangalore will come in summer vacation.
3)      There was lady teacher in the exam room.
4)      King ordered his ministers to bring the most wise man in the court.
5)      Forests are in danger only because of our greed.

Exercise 5

1)      The sun is so hot that we cannot sit outside.
2)      I reached at railway station in time but train had left.
3)      We must take a lesson from our mistakes to succeed in life.
4)      The woodcutter went to another city to earn some money.
5)      We should invest our time on good habits.

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  1. bakwas totally useless

  2. very useful and excellent

  3. can we write the exercise 2 fourth answer as-
    there were some unknown guests to me that were present.

  4. Its very sortcut for teachers... because we have no time to thinking this type of puzzle sentences for practicing a thanks..