Monday, 26 September 2011

Importance of translation

For us English is a second language. First language is our mother tongue. It took us practice of many years to command our mother language. In our childhood we learnt many words and sentence structures by imitating others. We repeated each new word literally hundreds of times. For learning our second language we need not go through same process because of two reasons. First, our cognitive and grasping powers have improved. Secondly we already know one language.
It is good to learn English by comparing it with our first language. Best way is to translate some sentences of English into our mother language and observe and feel the differences in syntax of the sentences.
            Each language has its own history of evolution. This decides its vocabulary, style and literature. Since all languages grow in different conditions, they are bound to be different from one another just like differences in various cultures of the world. But we will also find similarities in languages at once place or another. This is again due to socio- economic and cultural interaction of societies and cultures. In translation we should look for these differences and similarities in English and our mother language.

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