Friday, 23 September 2011

How to write good paragraphs

You must have heard terms-paragraph, Essay, article and report. All these are different compositions. Paragraph is the most basic of them. All other compositions are consisting of paragraphs. Hence it is very important to understand nature of a paragraph to write other compositions.

Unity of paragraph
Basic idea is that a paragraph should have one thing. This thing can be an idea, one part of an idea, one concept, one aspect of a bigger concept or one dimension of a complex phenomenon. Whenever we change the idea, we should change the paragraph. Two or more things should not be mixed in a single paragraph.

Size of paragraph
Different ideas might need different number of words to develop. We can’t put word limit for a paragraph. Paragraph can be as small as a single line or it can be a full page paragraph.
But in examination we are given word limit in paragraph writing. Generally this word limit is 100 to 125 words. Most of the time topics are such that we can write enough about them. We can use some examples to cover the word limit. In any case we should respect word limit to score good marks.

Let’s understand paragraph writing with an example. Suppose our topic is “books”. We can develop it in many ways by focusing on different aspects. We can write on importance of books in religion. In this we’ll focus how books are needed for spreading teachings of a religion. How holy books of all religions are the ultimate words of God that are interpreted in different ways etc.

Similarly we can focus on roles of books in different sphere of life. Here we take three such paragraphs.
1)      Books and society
2)      Books and students
3)      Books and Business.

Books and society

Books are our best companions. We cannot think of a civilized society without books. One can measure intellectual growth of a society by the richness of books written by its members. A conserve fundamental country resists free flow of ideas and hence new ideas can’t appear in their books. On the other hand in an open, modern and democratic country one can see many platforms for the expression of ideas. Everyone can exercise this right without compromising other’s right. If we want to see cultural, intellectual, spiritual development and not just economic growth of a country we must analyze the books written in that country in last 100 years. Books are the true reflection of a country.

Books and students

Books are our best companions. We need books in all stages of life, but as a student we need them the most. Books help in maintaining standards of study. All Students across the country get some quality material to study through books. This reduces the dependency on teacher’s ability. Its obvious that we give more thought, do deeper contemplation in writing than in speaking. Therefore books reflect filtered and refined ideas of an author. A well writing book helps in developing habit of self study in students. This habit separates a brilliant student from an average one. Books are the only bridge between a student and true knowledge.

Books and Business

Books are our best companions. Books provide business to writers, editors, publishers and distributors. Any business develops on the necessity of society. Books are means of education, entertainment, literature, religion, business etc. They touch all aspects of our life .A big business originates from here. There will be no educated, cultured or well-to-do person who has not purchased a book in his life. Many people develop their livelihood on book writing and publishing. People write on and for children, women, business, education, art of living, motivation, good governance, how to write English and the list goes on. There are many big publishing houses. In all modern societies demand and supply for books are increasing rapidly. In recent times we have seen globalization of publishing business. 

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