Friday, 16 September 2011

home news to father

(Q)You are Naitik. Your father works in other city .Write a letter to him and give home news.           

Examination Hall
16th September,2011.

Dear father,
             Regards .We are happy here and hope the same for you .You’ll be glad to know that I secured first position in my class this year also. I scored 96% marks in Xth class and have decided to take science stream. Sonu also passed with good marks .He is joining a computer course in summer vacations.
            Last week grandmother fell ill. Her BP was very low .We carried her to hospital. She is well now. Mother knitted a new sweater for me. She has also prepared some snacks for my birthday.
           Dad, next week is my birthday .You must come two days before it. Bring me a new cycle as birthday present .We are eagerly waiting for you.

Yours son

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